Sakoda・Murakami Liesenberg SOCIAL INSURANCE & Labour CONSULTANT.

社会保険労務士法人 迫田・村上リーゼンバーグ
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迫田 満三
特定社会保険労務士 村上 剛久
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株式会社 ダブリュー・アイ・エー
Sakoda・Murakami Liesenberg Social Insurance & Labour Consultant
Masonic 39MT Building 4F, 2-4-5 Azabudai Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL :03-6721-5338 FAX :03-6721-5332
Mitsuzou Sakoda
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Takahisa Murakami, Certified Social Insurance & Labour Consultant
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社会保険労務士法人 迫田・村上リーゼンバーグでは、長年に渡り中小企業の経営者をサポートしてきた経験と実績に基づき、コンサルティングを行ってまいります。


  1. 人事労務管理に関する顧問業務
    (1) 就業規則その他社内規程の運用、管理等のご指導・ご相談
    (2) 賃金台帳、労働者名簿、出勤簿など法定帳簿、各種労使協定のご指導・ご相談
    (3) 採用、賃金、労働時間、休日、退職その他労働管理に関するご指導・ご相談
    (4) 賃金、賞与、退職金の決定、支払い、計算に関するご指導・ご相談
    (5) 労務トラブル、問題社員対応等に関するご指導・ご相談
    (6) 労働関係諸法令の改正情報、および助成金情報等の情報提供
    (7) その他人事労務管理に関するご指導・ご相談
  2. 労働保険・社会保険に関する顧問業務
    (1) 事業所の移転・代表者変更等、事業所の各種変更手続き
    (2) 雇用保険 資格の取得・喪失手続きおよび離職票発行業務
    (3) 雇用保険 雇用継続給付申請業務
    (4) 労災保険の請求手続、特別加入のご相談および加入手続業務
    (5) 健康保険・厚生年金保険 被保険者資格の取得・喪失手続業務
    (6) 健康保険の給付請求手続
    (7) 老齢、障害および遺族に関する年金の試算、申請相談
    (8) その他、労働保険・社会保険に関するご指導・ご相談
  3. その他の受託業務
    (1) 就業規則の作成、改定
    (2) 社内規程の作成、改定
    (3) 社会保険 新規適用
    (4) 労働保険新規成立
    (5) 労働保険料申告
    (6) 算定基礎届作成
    (7) 給与計算
    (8) 各種助成金申請
    (9) 年金裁定請求

Since its foundation in April 1970, the era under its former name, Sakoda Labour and Social Security Consulting Office, we have provided support including social insurance and industrial insurance procedures for small-to-medium-sized companies primarily centering on manufacturing business and transportation business companies. During that period, we have done consultations on multi-faceted issues with respect to management.

As a result of changes in the structure of industry in recent years, although there has been a decrease in the number of serious industrial accidents from the number that occurred in the past, we are presently in an era in which managers are confronted with numerous thorny issues between ensuring profits and compliance, such as the increase of trouble between Labour and management that did not exist in the past, reduction and standardization of work hours from the viewpoint of prevention of long working hours and health problems, and the expansion of the enrollment targets for social insurance.

At Sakoda・Murakami Liesenberg Social Insurance & Labour Consultant, we provide consulting based on our experience and record of providing support for many years to managers of small-to-medium-sized companies. Upon understanding the philosophy and characteristics of each company, and the working conditions and environment, etc. of employees, we offer proposals of measures to improve compliance and Labour management for improvement of the organization, and conduct reexamination of the working hours system and rules of employment, etc. to hold trouble to a minimum to protect the company.

  1. Personnel and Labour affairs management consulting services
    (1) Guidance and consulting on operations and management, etc. of rules of employment and other internal rules
    (2) Guidance and consulting on legal ledgers including payroll books, workers’ name rosters, attendance ledgers, etc., and various types of Labour and management agreements
    (3) Guidance and consulting on hiring, wages, working hours, holidays, retirement and other Labour management
    (4) Guidance and consulting on decision, payment and calculation of wages, bonuses and retirement benefits
    (5) Guidance and consulting on Labour-related trouble, handling of problematic employees, etc.
    (6) Provision of information such as revision information of Labour-related laws and regulations and information on subsidies, etc.
    (7) Other guidance and consulting on human and Labour affairs management
  2. Consulting services on industrial insurance and social insurance
    (1) Various types of change procedures related to offices such as moving to new premises, change of representative, etc.
    (2) Procedures for acquisition and loss of unemployment insurance eligibility, and issuance of unemployment slips
    (3) Application service for continuous employment benefits under unemployment insurance
    (4) Procedures for claiming worker’s compensation insurance, consulting on special enrollment and procedures for enrollment
    (5) Procedures of acquisition and loss of eligibility of the insured under health insurance and corporate employees’ pension insurance
    (6) Procedures for claiming health insurance benefits
    (7) Pension trial calculation and consulting on application for old age pension, disability pension and survivor’s annuity
    (8) Other guidance and consulting on industrial insurance and social insurance.
  3. Other agency services
    (1) Preparation and revision of rules of employment
    (2) Preparation and revision of internal rules
    (3) New application for social insurance
    (4) New establishment of industrial insurance
    (5) Tax return preparation for insurance premiums for industrial insurance
    (6) Notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance
    (7) Salary calculation
    (8) Subsidy application
    (9) Request for confirmation of existence of pension rights